Letting others know about the funeral

Letting others know about the funeral can be overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of people to tell and you want to tell them quickly.

You may have to make a decision about whether to tell people face-to-face or by phone. If you have a large family or wide circle of friends, you could delegate some of the responsibility for passing on the news to those close to you.

One way of announcing the funeral is to put an announcement in a newspaper, either in the print or online edition.

Funeral notices

A funeral notice in a newspaper announces the death and funeral details and can become a tribute to the person who has died, by perhaps containing a verse. A funeral notice helps family and friends know that we are caring for your loved one’s funeral and provide contact details if they need further assistance.

A funeral notice normally includes:

  • Your loved one’s name, age, place of birth and date of death
  • Funeral service location
  • Whether to send flowers
  • Where charity donations need to be sent (if applicable)

Acknowledgement notices

You may wish to place acknowledgement notices after the funeral, thanking people who have supported you through this difficult time.

Howe and Son Funeral Director can organise all of the funeral and acknowledgement notices on your behalf and advise you on the local newspapers available.

Online tribute notices

Howe and Son Funeral Director offers every client a free online tribute service, a secure online place for family and friends to communicate the details of the funeral and celebrate the life of a loved one.

An online tribute is the perfect way to bring your most treasured photographs, videos and stories together, enabling you to remember and celebrate a special life with family and friends across the world.

The online tribute service also allows donations to be made quickly and securely to your chosen charity. Find out more