Bespoke Funeral Plan

Plan a celebration of your life that perfectly reflects who you are

Giving you control over all the choices. At Southern Co-op we know that it’s the little things that make a funeral special.
A personalised funeral plan can be a full expression of your personality, helping you say a unique
goodbye. Almost everything can be arranged and paid for in advance, meaning your family do not
have to worry about guessing or paying for your final wishes.

A few ways you can personalise your funeral plan:

  • Coffin – a bespoke design can be covered in personal messages, art by loved ones and
    special poems.
  • Music – if you’re a particular fan of a certain TV show, film or song, choose what you’d like
    people to associate your memory with.
  • Dress code – request guests to wear your favourite colour for a celebratory funeral service.
  • Journey – specify a particular route, perhaps taking in special places or an unusual hearse to
    reflect your personality.
  • Location – you may prefer an alternative location
    for your service in perhaps a woodland or natural burial site.

Visit us to arrange your plan

A personalised funeral plan is unique to you, so can only be arranged with one of our Funeral
Co-ordinators. They will make sure everything is recorded for you and give you a detailed
breakdown of costs, based on the choices you have made.